Our current government's noble idea for a clean nation “Swach Bharat” campaign, which is actually the utmost relevant issue which needs to be addressed. Technology is best used, if it serves this type of crucial and troublesome issues. Our hugely populated country is without a proper garbage management system. Population expansion is giving rise to doubt, where to begin in this project. We all urge for a clean environment but practical implementation was like a distance dream, as we are clueless how, and where to start. To propel further from mere idea to practical implementation of cleaning India, we had built a system which will maintain periodic status of the various garbage bins located in various regions in a city, which update the department with the status.

Our system provides real-time status updation, by capturing images in a particular area which is not cleaned, by using Geo fencing, location-based service. This will be a daily basis reporting system. This solution defines a virtually boundary around a real-world geographical area. In this manner, it would be possible to establish a Geo-fence area which will send alert messages in geo-enabled phones for garbage collection company. Hence, serving the concerned official to reach that location where garbage problem persists and needs to be collected. Our application is available on “always on” mobile system also. Hence serving the user throughout the day.