Any nation's progress is geared up when its people progresses, by engaging in some productive work. The best way to develop any nation is start at individual level, by employing them. This may sound like a hectic and unruly job, but a proper monitoring system state wise, is meant to revolutionize altogether the nation's progress in all aspects. Our nation's major rural area are still existing like 18th century, where villagers' potential are still untapped, by not getting a proper impetus to engage in some productive work. To tackle this core issue, we designed NREGS- National Rural Employee Guarantee Scheme. This project is about monitoring and managing the works that are done by unemployed villagers. NREGS aims at recording each villager's details. Its function is to record the individual's name, id, location where he worked, kind of work done, log in & out time etc., on a daily basis. It function like biometric system. A proper recording system, enables proper monitoring system. This application is compatible with mobile technology too.