Cross platform is new mechanics where, single coding system is used which enables compatible functioning of an Apps in multiple platforms. The purpose is to serve in a much better way. Cross platform is a term used where same coding is used in iOS, Androids, and Windows platforms. This is actually a huge beneficial process, which sets free the developing team from writing coding, separately for all platforms. With this simplified process, time and efforts is saved in huge quantum! We had aimed at bringing this cross-platform functionality for MFCSL - Mahindra First Choice Service Limited. MFCSL brings together a unique experience for all brands of car under one roof that is multi-brand car service!

This mobile Apps came into existence to fulfill the function of Customer Information System, by adhering to the 'Customer centric' principle of the company. The mobile Apps shall be used to provide information to the customers about vehicle, road side assistance based on model and make, general car care tips, due date reminders, service booking, and service station locators etc. Our Apps only enhances the company's endeavor to provide convenience and greater value to its customers. As the company aim to function as a one-stop-shop for any brand of cars which needs servicing or repair. This Apps is just like an accelerator, for the process to function at its peak!