Mahindra's Earth Master is with remote care facility. An SMS alert is send with updates to business owners about all the vital functions. An instrument with such unique and unparallel features need to be known among users in wide range. And to ease & enhance the selling mechanism we developed a mobile Apps CESMS- Environmental and Socioeconomic Monitoring Strategy. This is a mobile Apps which maintain and track how many customers' had made the deal for the product, for any sales person of the company.

Hence, the process is simplified and become more productive in selling the Backhoe loaders (Earth Master) to the customers. Hence, using this Apps, the chances of selling this product is increased manifold. The reason behind this is tracking becomes very easy for the Sales person. Tracking technology trends will change the future of any industry. This Apps has a sort of digital marketing feature, enabling in building more strategic brand promoting. This Apps finally gives how many Backhoe loaders are sold by a particular sales person.